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Our traditional guesthouse

is situated in Sirako,

amongst the stone paved streets of the village

An oasis of picturesqueness

The imposing building of the Casa Calda guesthouse (warm house in Aromanian) rises in an idyllic setting. The mansion was built in 1864 by the merchant ancestors of the Bitsios family. The grand arches in the facade add plasticity and grace to the stone fort-like three-storey building.

The scenery and the architecture that remain unchanged over the years, along with the warm hospitality, await our visitors to offer them a true oasis of picturesqueness, absolute tranquillity and a fairy-tale atmosphere.

Casa Calda Guesthouse Sirako Tzoumerka
Casa Calda Guesthouse Sirako Tzoumerka

The rooms

The three-storey stone building consists of 5 rooms on the first and second floor and the old cellar that has been transformed into a lounge.

Restaurant - Mi me lismoni


In the center of the village you will find our family restaurant - Mi me lismoni where you will taste traditional flavors, local meat on the spit and traditional pies from Epirus.

Sirako Tzoumerka

Sirako & Tzoumerka

Apart from tranquillity and relaxation, Sirako and the surrounding area of Tzoumerka offer the visitors many enjoyable activities during their stay.